The most destructive technology is here. Whether or not you can handle it, you will learn about water. Sooooo, sit down, hold on, find yourself a good comfortable chair with good lighting. Change is tortuous. But change we need, to maintain a healthy life style.

You will not be able to learn everything about water in this document. I have found that there is soooo much about water, that just one session of one document you read will not give you the information you need to make a judicious decision about the water you drink, cook with, and bath in. I know this sounds silly, but it is true. You have been buffaloed, hookwinked, lied to and told half truths for soooo long that you believe that all water is created equal. This is NOT SO.

People in the industrialized world spend 1,000 times more for bottled water, when you can make it at home, office, factory, or place of employment for pennies instead of a half a dollar to several dollars for just 16 ounces.

You will learn about the 250 plus mayors across the USA that have banned bottled water in their municipalities. And, now restrictions of importing bottled water in other countries. WHY? Well it is very simple. Water is a low-tech commodity. No computer needed. No iPhone required. No TV. No kitchen appliance. WOW. Very important WHY some bottled water is restricted from importing. IT DOES NOT MEET MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR GOOD DRINKING WATER and many consider bottled water DEAD WATER. Moreover, there is new water out there called Boxed Water. Watch out. Here comes the buffaloes.

Kangen Waterâ„¢ is a destructive technology and will wipe out not only bottled water, and will effect the soda pop industry including but not limited to sodas, and other manufacturer drinks in cans, glass, and plastic. Water is the single most important ingredient for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Don't believe it! Well just try and live for a week or two without any water.

Now the WHY! Plastic bottled containers take 1,000 years to biodegrade. Do you care in your lifetime? You should, for the sake of your children and their children's children. You won't be here in a 1,000 years. This is the #1 reason mayors across the USA have banned bottled water. Let's see who will be here in your family? 500 or more generations from now? God granting! Forget about the 1,000 years to biodegrade then. You have already been affected, the plastic has leached into the water and your organs have been tainted with whatever is in the plastic and your health has been compromised! You will not die today, next year or a couple of years from now, but because you are not drinking "Kangen Water", your end of life will be compromised. You may not live to as long as your body is good for life.

I am not going to spell out exactly what is in the plastic. You probably, as I cannot either, will not be able to pronounce the name of the ingredients in the material that is in the plastic. Moreover, extreme heating and cooling affects the plastic and it mixes with the water in the bottle. Oh Boy. This is the #2 reason why mayors and other countries have banned bottled water.

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Do you feel like you have been hoodwinked yet? How about buffaloed? Lied to? Told half-truths? How about that bottled water from the last century called Evian? What does that spell backwards? Call me when you figure it out. 949.328.0126 or 800.333.1157. My virtual secretary will find me and let me know your are calling.

Each of us needs to meet face to face with the big three and denounce the bottled water industry. And, I do not mean GM, Chrysler and Ford. Find out for yourself. Do some research? Search for "do you drink water." It will be on any search engine and it is a web site.

What is next? How about the contents of bottled water? Do you know what is in the water? Do you think all water is created equal? Do you know about the history of Lourdes France; Nadana India; Nordenau Germany; and Tlcaote Mexico?

Don't believe by any stretch of your imagination that the manufacturers of bottled water have you in their best interest. Those in the know consider bottled water as DEAD WATER. City water, well water, river water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, and filtered water have their shortcomings as well. This also includes those that think they can put drops or tablets in water that the water is OK now. Yes it is OK for an emergency!

People say, "Oh I have a filtered system, I spend $10,000 on and it is approved." Approved for what, watering your yard? "Oh I have these pH drops I put in my water which make my water perfect." What are you talking about, pH, what is the pH of your water?. Most cannot answer the question. And on and on and on about what they purchased and they do not have one idea about what they are drinking. It is not what people do not know. It is what people know that just ain't so. Will Rogers.

It is not what people do not know. It is what people know that just ain't so.  Will Rogers. Had to say it twice...did you get it?

Oh the Content of Water: We have been taught, told, discussed and schooled that all water is H2O. And we drink it. Cook with it. Bath in it. There is more to it than just H2O. If I was to get you a glass of water out of the toilet at your home, and you were watching me, would you drink it? I don't think so. What if I gave you a bottle of water without any label on it and told you this is the best water you can get, want a drink? Would you drink the bottled water I gave to you? I would hope not.

Do you know what the pH of water is? Do you know that all water has a different pH? Potential of Hydrogen. WOW. What the heck is that? Potential of Hydrogen.

You know the temperature of your body, right? 98.6 degrees F. Do you know the pH of your blood? Do you care? Remember Lourdes, Nadana, Nordenau, & Tlcaote?

Do you know the anti-oxidation factor of water? Do you know what it does to your body, organs, digestive system and free radicals? Remember Lourdes, Nadana, Nordenau, & Tlcaote?

What about the hydration factor that water is supposed to have on your body and organs when you drink water? Especially your eyes and brains. Do you know when you are thirsty what happens to your body? What is this hydration factor? Remember Lourdes, Nadana, Nordenau, & Tlcaote?

It is tortuous to make changes. Soda pop (cancer in a can), beer, wine, fast food, and water. When to eat? When to drink water? When not to drink water? What is the fuss all about anyway?

I talked with a friend of a friend in Alabama in October 2007 and asked him what kind of water he has been drinking. He said, "I have been drinking well water all my life. I am 68, five foot 8, and I am 285 pounds and I ain't dead yet. One year later and I could not get a call through to Frank! My friend told me he had passed away.

What is your health worth anyway? Health insurance premiums over a lifetime from age 20 to 60 can be greater than $700,000. Do these premiums change the way you feel? Does your body give you any signs as to how you feel? How much will you pay for excellent health?

I have tried and tried to remember when I drank water as a child. What I do remember is that the water in Long Beach California in the 1950's was orange when you first turned on the water. Do not remember drinking that water. I remember having milk for lunch and dinner. Being told not to gulp down my milk as I was eating. Chew your food first at least 20 times. Drink your milk later. Then of course with breakfast there was always orange juice. My uncle was so strick on my cousins that they could not have any liquid with any meal. That surely forces you to chew your food.

But water, drinking water, I truly do not remember ever having a drink from the faucet. Although, in the summer time we drank out of the hose in the backyard when it was scrourcing hot. The drinking fountains at school were always ok to get a drink from or at the park or beach. Of course we drank water at the beach and schools from the drinking fountains when we were thirsty. I have learned now that when you are thirsty the damage has already started in your body.

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